Carpal Summer

by Beach Bod

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released December 8, 2016

Album Artwork: Brent Wiese

Special thanks to: The members of Handheld for bein the dudes, Lexi for all of her opinions, Ashley and Shawna just for no reason i just love them, The Bushkill Boys, and all of our pets.



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Beach Bod Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Nathan Kinda Looks Like a Ham
You say that you just need some space
But I don't want you to go away

You don't notice anyone besides yourself
you aren't honest with anyone even yourself

You said that you don't care that much
But i don't want to lose touch from you

Ive been thinking lately cause i want to know
Where did you go
Track Name: Lazy Mary
I'll come just say when
You're going to break my heart again
You don't want to talk
That's not my fault
Where am i going
I dont know
But it's not with you
I dont want to talk
That's not my fault
Track Name: Tides Of Change
See the change between people
As time goes by
It'll make you want to run and hide
You wish to see everything
Just as you left it before
Hoping it was untouchable
You wish to see everything
Just as you left it before
Hoping it was untouchable
Erase the way you used to think
Dont think too hard
Baby its always been you
Dont think too hard
What have you got to lose
All these glory years
Now just memories
And dreams of my past
Take me to where i used to be
So before i leave
These memories will remain
On these same streets that we once called home
I couldnt believe it
Everything has changed for the worst
Track Name: If i call you please dont answer i can't handle it
Its the title
Track Name: Two Steppin on the Beach
Ive come to terms
With what you've asked of me
Ive come to terms
With what you've made yourself

But count me out

No one guides you for the rest of your life
And i hope you make it out alright

You keep crawling to me i keep running from you
Gotta keep my distance
I hate this feeling but i don't know what to do

I know you wanna live your life
But live it without me
Track Name: Carpal Tunnel at Fourteen
You stopped asking if i got home safe
And i kept asking you what makes you stay
You're always driving me away
but i but i but i can't complain

Even though i feel so alone
I still feel really comfortable
Just need some time to myself

I thought i could save you
But that's just not something i can do